Saturday, 6 February 2021

Room 4 Literacy

Today we met our literacy class for the first time. Our main activity was to write a letter to introduce ourselves and then we went on to complete some activities to meet our reading groups. 

We completed a range of activities that required us to work well as a team. We started with a listening game before moving on to a puzzle and a cup stacking challenge. Finally we created a piece of collaborative art.

We agreed that to be successful we needed to:

Communicate effectively by listening and sharing our ideas
Show respect to others by using kind words
Have a positive attitude and participate

1 comment:

  1. Hey Room 4 literacy, I hope you all had fun doing this little activity's. Next time make sure to invite me. It looks very fun.Looks like you guys do this again . I hope you tried your best. Keep it up!

    Sincerely, Rae Jae