Wednesday, 3 February 2021

First Day of School!

Today was our first day back at Pt England! After getting in to our classes we started to work on our class norms and treaty.

We started by playing a game where we had to pass a hoop around in a group, half and as a whole class. Then we reflected on the skills we needed to collaborate successfully.

Next we moved outside for two challenges: the floor is lava and flip the tarp. We had some great examples of teamwork in both of these games. In the first round the year sevens won the tarp challenge (flipping a tarp while standing on top of it) then the teams drew.

After another debrief we moved onto our final game; half pipe golf. In this game the two teams had to get a golf ball from one side of the class to another using half pipes. It was a lot harder than it looked! The year eights won this time, but there was a group of year sevens who were determined to complete the challenge which was fantastic.

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