Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Welcome to Room 4 Maths

 Today we met our maths class for the first time. It was really good to start setting up our maths class norms. We completed a few maths challenges to get to know our groups and to establish our norms.

We had a Number quiz, a Geometry lego/listening challenge and a tangram challenge.

From these activities we realised that to be an effective maths class we need:

To communicate effectively by sharing our ideas and listening carefully

To have resilience: to persevere through challenging tasks and to have patience with others when they need support

To show respect to others with the way we speak and act

To try our best so that we can succeed.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Mrs Stone!

    It's Finau here. This activity was super fun. Everyone was like racing to have a look at the figure you made and make it themselves. It was insane, but fun! Thanks Mrs Stone for letting us do this fun activity.

    From Finau:)