Friday, 5 February 2021

Marshmallow Challenge Recount - Nadia

Room 4 have been continuing to develop our class norms. Check out this team building activity recounted by Nadia:

During the first period of school today, we did a challenge in class, the marshmallow challenge. The marshmallow challenge is where you’re given spaghetti sticks, tape, a roll of string, and a marshmallow. With those items you have to make a tower with the marshmallow sitting at the top, the group with the tallest tower wins.

We were split into small groups, I was with Aye, Jane, and Tsai. We had 20 minutes. 2 to plan a strategy, and 18 minutes to build the tower. 

We had no plan except to go with the flow. Tsai decided to cut up multiple strips of tape for us while me and Aye placed the spaghetti sticks randomly to form some sort of structure. The time was running out and we still had no idea what we were doing.

Even though we started without a plan we still worked together placing pieces of tape over each other, over lapping it. We kept placing the marshmallow on the top every now and then seeing if what we made was strong enough. Jane was the one who gave us the idea of adding more tape in specific areas to help it stay stable. In the end our teamwork and random ideas were what helped us win the challenge with our tower standing at around 60cm tall. Not only that but our way of prototyping helped us figure out.


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